We are Lea & Chris, a couple of computer scientists who love food and travel a lot. Lea is from Greece and Chris is from Scotland. We currently live in Boston, MA, but who knows what the future may hold. When we’re at home we love to cook, and when we travel we love to try out the most interesting restaurants we can find. From July 2019 onwards we also have a little guest that tags along with many of our food explorations. 👶🏼 Her name is Zoe, and you may catch a glimpse of her in several of our restaurant visit photos. # Recipes We started keeping track of our recipes, because we realized we kept making changes to the ones we were using, and we couldn't always remember what the changes were. This is why, at the end of many recipes you will sometimes find a "Forked from" section with links to the original recipes our recipe is based on, often more than one. *"Forked from"* is a term that comes from Open Source software development: we say that an open source project is "forked from" another open source project when it uses the latter as a starting point to build upon. # Restaurant ratings We visit a lot of restaurants, mostly while travelling, and we often struggled to remember which dishes we liked when coming back to a restaurant or recommending restaurants to friends. So, at some point we started photographing every dish and adding our rating from 1-10 that reflects what we thought of it. Originally, we were posting our photos to Lea’s personal Instagram, but later we made a separate account specifically for this: [@forkgasms]( At some point, Instagram removed the ability to search one’s own photos via a map, which made it impossible to find our reviews for a given restaurant or restaurants in a city. We realized we need to find or make an alternative way to organize all this data and Forkgasm was born! # For Fellow Geeks: Making Of This website was created with [Mavo]( and is hosted on [Netlify]( It’s open source and you can find its code on [Github](